“Access to healthcare
Is a basic human right,
And not a privilege reserved for
The rich and for those
Living in developed Countries. ”

Pharm Access Africa Limited was set up in 2001, to increase access to healthcare to the people of Africa.  In sub-Saharan Africa only a limited number of people can access health care. When Pharm Access Africa Limited was incorporated, per capita spend on health care was close to US$29. Through various initiatives, this number has gradually risen, yet access to affordable health care still remains a problem.

According to UNAIDS figures released in 2008, of the total 33.4 million worldwide living with HIV/AIDS, close to 22.4 million or 66 per cent live in sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to less than 10 per cent of the world's population.

We approach this pandemic from a broad perspective ranging from HIV/AIDS related infections and ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy), to acceptability of those living with HIV/AIDS at the workplace. We have looked at effective contraceptive use, from family planning and mother to child transmission, to subcutaneous implants that may prevent unwanted pregnancies.

PAAL provides technical assistance to a number of public and private sector programs, linking these initiatives to major donor organizations in order to provide care, support and sustainability.

We facilitate and strengthen mechanisms for all parties involved, working collaboratively at national and international levels in the area of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and non communicable diseases. Over the years, partnerships have spurned with the national AIDS control programs, community groups,  civil societies, faith based organizations, development partners and international donors including among others, the World Bank and The Global Fund for AIDS, TB and malaria.

PAAL has partnered with a local venture capital company and with funding by the development arm of a European country to provided prevention and treatment facilities for member companies.

Pharm Access Africa has also partnered with one of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to bring cost effective contraceptive interventions to 11 countries across Africa. National regulatory authorities have audited the manufacturing facility for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and have prepared dossier for registration in target countries. Coupled with pharmaco-vigilance plans having the African hub in Nairobi we are pushing the frontier in effective health care delivery.

Up to date information technology and cell phone technology are harnessed for reproductive health commodities inventory in the public sector in Kenya.  This will be extended to answer frequently asked client questions in this area.