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The Gold Star Network is a social franchise program established in 2006 to promote comprehensive & quality HIV care amongst a network of private health providers in Kenya..  The network addresses issues relating to quality legal support, psycho-social support, counseling and access to cost-effective laboratory services and medication.

Private practitioners are estimated to provide close to 40 per cent of healthcare to Kenyans. In some areas this may be higher. Access to HIV/AIDS was previously an exception to this, as anti-retroviral therapy was expensive and beyond the reach of many Kenyans. . Through the Gold Star Network, PAAL increased access to affordable quality laboratory services and medication to overcome numerous hurdles in the provision of comprehensive HIV care, affordable care and support services. Our partner worksites now offer comprehensive care and support through their own hospitals and clinics, with medical teams trained on holistic comprehensive care and ART.  GSN members and sites are able to provide quality services for managing opportunistic infections and anti-retroviral therapy, while ensuring access to lifesaving medicines at access prices.

Through the Gold Star Network, Pharm Access Africa Limited addressed initiatives, to tackle hurdles faced in the provision of HIV care, the availability of quality services and the elimination of stigma. PAAL guarantees the delivery of medications anywhere across Kenya within 24 hours of confirmation of the order.