SANI-HANDS Touch Free Automatic Dispenser

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that hand disinfection is key in the prevention of nosocomial infections since more than 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by hand contact. Alcohol based hand sanitizers have been voted as better at killing germs. Alcohol-based sanitizer reduces the spread of rotavirus, adenovirus and rhinovirus as compared to medicated and non-medicated hand soaps.

The automatic hand sanitizing machine can significantly reduce the spread of the bacteria and pathogens that can be transmitted when individuals carrying the disease causing bacteria practice poor hygiene. The advantage of the dispenser is that it uses touchless technology contact from the infected person to the healthy person is significantly reduced thus minimizing the spread of infections.

The dispenser consists of an ABS plastic dispenser case and control box.

Color: Off White.

Size: 125 mm (W) x 260 mm (H) x 135 mm (D)

This touchless automatic dispenser accommodates one liter liquid bag containing alcohol solution.

Available liquid solutions:

•    Hand sanitizer/ Isopropanol alcohol sanitizing liquid.

A built-in electronic infrared (IR) sensor activates the dispensing cycle.

Kills 99.9% of all germs, Moisturizes, No water required, simply spray on hands and rub until dry No towels required