SHANGRING: Male Circumcision Device

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Circumcision reduces risk of transmission of HIV by over 65 percent.  It is associated with reduced risk of HPV (32-35%), HSV-2 (25-34%), STIs, and prevention of genital cancers, including cervical and penile1.  In 2016, WHO and UNAIDS targeted 27 million for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) in 14 high priority countries.


ShangRing is a novel disposable circumcision device consisting of two concentric rings, inner and outer, and a silicon pad. The two rings lock together over the foreskin of the male reproductive organ and the silicon pad provides a good non bio-reactive surface. The ShangRing provides a low-cost, high quality, safe, non-invasive, low-pain and rapid method to provide VMMC services. ShangRing meets international safety standards and is FDA, WHO, EU-CE and ISO approved, for application on adolescent and adult males2.

A WHO study (2013) found that ShangRing had no ‘serious’ adverse effects, and less than 1% ‘moderate’ adverse effects among 1,983 males3.

The Gates Foundation cited ShangRing as one of the innovative VMMC devices that is expected to have a significant impact in reducing the number of new HIV infections in Africa. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been supporting global programs, and Bill Gates was pictured at Stanford University4, mentioning that ShangRing “could greatly simplify the process of circumcising millions of men”.

A Simple Procedure1

Application of ShangRing follows a simple 5-step procedure:

  1. Determining appropriate ShangRing size
  2. Administering local or topical anesthesia
  3. Preparing skin
  4. Placing ShangRing and removing foreskin
  5. Caring for wound post-operatively

A Simple Removal

ShangRing will mostly detach itself spontaneously within 10-14 days; alternatively, clients may return to their healthcare provider 7-10 days post-circumcision for ring removal1,3.

Why Choose ShangRing?

ShangRing has several advantages as compared to similar products on the market and conventional VMMC surgery. ShangRing is minimally invasive and can be performed in 3-5 minutes given simple training. ShangRing has a lower intraoperative pain score, minimal bleeding, and fewer adverse effects, less risk of infection, higher aesthetics rating and high overall user satisfaction (95-100%)1,3.

ShangRing requires no stiches and the clients can shower normally during recovery and will require minimal time off work2.

Where can I get ShangRing?

Pharm Access Africa Limited (PAAL) has the executive distribution rights for ShangRing the public sector programs in Africa for 8 countries in Africa.

3. No-Flip ShangRing Surgical Training Video (2017)

4. Bill Gates Talks about Circumcision and the Shang Ring at Stanford


Country Total done 2008-‘13 Progress towards target of 80% coverage
Botswana 110,656 32.10
Ethiopia 39,354 98.40
Kenya 733,580 85.30
Lesotho 48,490 12.90
Malawi 77,085 3.70
Mozambique 318,371 30.10
Namibia 14,155 4.30
Rwanda 281,434 16.10
South Africa 1,379,201 31.80
Swaziland 58,188 31.70
Tanzania 652,529 47.50
Uganda 1,268,996 29.90
Zambia 635,458 32.60
Zimbabwe 203,419 27.90
Total 5,820,916

PAAL countries in red